After the United States Senate killed the climate bill in July 2010, many of us started asking – why did the U.S. climate movement fail and where do we go from here?

Last year, I wrote an article, BPing the Arctic? to help stop Shell’s oil–and–gas drilling plan in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas of Arctic Alaska. Thanks to Tom Engelhard, the piece first appeared in TomDispatch on May 25, and then in numerous other progressive Internet media around the world, reaching millions of people. On May 27, President Obama suspended Shell’s Arctic drilling for 2010.

With that modest victory, I realized it would be nice to have a gathering place on the Internet for in–depth stories on all things global warming. On August 26, 2010, I founded Since then we have presented stories on Arctic, Desert, Forest, Ocean and more by storytellers from Arctic to Australia. Huge thanks to our readers for reading our stories and sharing with friends and family and to our colleagues in other progressive Internet media—our stories have been reposted in AlterNet, Counter Currents, Common Dreams, Guernica, Huffington Post, TruthOut, YubaNet and others.

We’ll continue to present exciting and original stories told by some of our best storytellers. Our stories will shine spotlight on: species other than our own that are vanishing fast, human communities whose survival depend on ecological resources of their homelands, water, food, energy, consumption, conservation, arctic, desert, forests, rivers, oceans, mountains ... the list will grow with only one catch, all these stories will be about “global warming.”

With your help we can certainly make a gathering place for good stories on global warming. And to you—all climate activists from around our–earth: I hope you’ll find these stories inspiring and useful in your own work.

In solidarity,

Subhankar Banerjee
January 16, 2011